Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paraguay's biggest tourist attraction, in Argentina

"Hi Taylor!"
"Hey mom, hows it going?"
Muffeled person in the background
"I'm here with Jackie. She wants to know if you've gone to that place yet? She says you have to go to that place with the water falls. "
"What's it called...What?... Igwagoo? " - to Jackie
"Well, anyway you just have to go. Have you gone yet?"

I have had this exact conversation more than once, and I am glad to finally say, Yes Jackie, I've gone to Iguazu Falls, and you're right, it was incredible

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clearly, I'm a danger to myself and others.

There are exactly four cannot, do not, or else get your ass sent home rules in Peace Corps Paraguay. I am proposing a fifth for the safety of myself and my fellow adrenaline junkie volunteers.

It's no secret I'm no huge fan of rules and restrictions. My Dad raised me right, teaching me its better to ask forgiveness than permission. However on this occasion I must admit that I was too stupid to do the right thing, and could have used a big brother guiding me.

Hot dog wrapped in empanada & Fried!
Campo 9 recently had it's Fiesta Patronal, or Patron Saint day. It was a fun filled day, with a church service in the morning followed by a procession where we walked behind a statue of Joseph for a couple blocks, and all topped off with a carnival. Julia and I had seen the carnival setting up for days. We were amped. We hoped for some carnival staples, greasy food, fun games, and good rides.

All of those things were present, but I would use a different adjective than "good" for the ride portion, unless you equate "good" with death defying.