Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Best Day of My Service!: Dangerous words

It seems to be a trend that at some point during one's service a loud proclamation is made:

"This is the Best Day of my service!" 

Sometimes that's followed up with a "so far" in general acknowledgment that the best day can't be decided upon 3 weeks into service. But more often it's followed with an epic decline back to the mundane that makes up most of being a Volunteer. 

These "Best Days" are usually when major projects finally come to pass. You feel accomplished. You take pictures. THIS is why you came here. But inevitably next week you are once again wondering what the hell you're doing, as you chase contacts to set stuff up and animals out of your yard. But that's ok, it's the way it goes. 

So there are a lot of good days I can think of in the past two years, but I'm gonna say yesterday was my best day. And I'm declaring it thus, because of it's mundane nature with a few seemingly small, but in reality, huge wins. There are no pictures. It wasn't even that exciting, but damn, it felt good.