Monday, April 4, 2011

27 months without Sports Center or Ketchup

It's official! I'm leaving in May for the Peace Corps. I will be stationed in the only country I didn't fantasize about going to, Paraguay. Yeah, you didn't think about that one either.

I'm am overwhelmed with excitement, but also understandably terrified. There is still so much that is unknown about the next two years. I'm going work in "Economic Developement." Do you know what that means? I don't. When I tell people "Economic Development" they consistently ask, "So what does that entail?" I make up something fluffy about helping people help themselves, but honestly I have no idea. Peace Corps is kinda like a religion. They promise the most fantastic experience in the most fantastic place and in exchange I follow them blindly. At least I don't have to be dead to get the reward.

Since I have essentially no information about the next two years other than a country, whose population in smaller than New York City, I find myself looking at the two years after that. As much uncertainty is built into the Peace Corps, I know I'm covered. For the next two years, I'm in Paraguay helping, somehow. It's impossible to fathom but the certainty drops even further upon leaving Paraguay. I have this tentative plan in my head, about going back to grad school, but its difficult to imagine that things after PC will resemble anything I imagined before PC. I'm told how much these two years will affect my life. I'll be a different person with a new outlook. That sounds fantastic, but I like who I am now, and if someone could let me know how my outlook would be different that would be great. I have a life to plan. Trust me, I know how ridiculous that sounds. One would think that I, of all people, would learn to stop planning my life.

May 25th is the first official day of this journey. I'll try to write as much as possible, but access to internet is limited. Also, I reserve the right to put up random stuff on here. Not all posts are necessarily PC related. Plus please understand, the sarcasm I use in my daily life while speaking will be included in my writing. If you look at the post below, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Much Love, and Go Yanks.