Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Ramblings of a Rambling Woman: 24 hours of Airports Documented.

It's one a.m. Well past my bed time. I'm drinking coffee and typing at the computer. Only two things can be happening here, I've been transported back to Holy Grounds at Villanova, or I'm waiting to catch the red eye out of Asuncion.
The one place in PY with AC decides to use it as a human refrigeration device.

I look around. We're in the clear. Not a single popped collar nor ridiculous hair bow in sight. So I it's gotta be the later. Why the hell is the best coffee in Paraguay in the Airport?

The way this post is shaping up it's quite possible I've lost my mind. But not without reason. I got up at 4 a.m. after a terrible four hours of sleep to catch a 5:30 am bus that showed at 6:30 am and have yet to sleep again. As a person who has proudly never pulled an all night-er, I'm functioning about as well as the Paraguayan utilities systems. (So just barely.)

While I may be lamenting my current state, I am actually bouncing off the walls with excitement for my triumphant return to THE UNITED STATES OF 'MERICA! I can't wait to breath in all that freedom!

So bouncing off the walls may not be a good descriptor. Did you see that photo above? But if I had the energy to do anything other move my fingers just enough to peck out this blog post, I would be bouncing.

Oh shit! Gotta board the plane. Stream of conscienceness rambling to continue at next destination.

6:49 a.m local time.

IN PANAMA! Flight 1 of 3, Done.

I have no idea what time zone I'm in, nor am I even sure of how long my last flight was. I slept the whole time, waking up just in time for them to serve breakfast. I don't care how shitty the food is, that's a win.

The Panama Airport is beautiful. I recommend you all make a trip. Plus, I'm incredibly satisfied with my current cup of coffee. Couldn't tell you a damn thing about Panama though.

9:25 a.m. local time. Still don't know what time zone I'm in. Still waiting for flight number 2. Coffee is wearing off. Is it winter here?

I generally have good experiences with the airline staff I encounter during international travel. International staff as opposed to US domestic have to be bi-lingual and detailed oriented, so I suppose this explains why so many of them are competent and bright.  However, I find it good to know that American Airline's commitment to shitty customer service is a global initiative. No other airline has repeatedly treated me with such disregard. I bite my thumb at you!* (*Wow, a Shakespeare reference. Didn't think I that in me.)

In order to be helpful here's a few tips for our folks at AA:
An ill-satisfied customer.
* Listen to the question before answering it. Maybe you would get less confused.
* Once you understand the question, answer it fully before sending your customer off. Then I won't have to come back.
* You're not doing me a huge favor by answering my questions. That's your job. You're being paid, in part, by my airfare.

*And oh yeah, shove it.

Getting on plane number two now. Check back in in Cancun. 

12:49 Local time. Cancun, Mexico. I think I'm in the same time zone as Dallas but nothing is certain. Part of me feels like I got lost and found myself in the land of make-believe. Except with beer, and cheap pharmaceuticals.

I swear, they just handed me this as I entered the country.
I'm soaking up a lot of culture here in Mexico.  Eating nachos, and drinking Coronas, I really feel like I could do some serious cultural integration here in the land of body shots and yard long drinks.

At this point I think I'm running on pure adrenalin. 

I wonder if they sell that here?

I have slept less than 10 hours in the past 48 hours, and my nutrition has come in the form of airplane food and the nachos the guy next to me at the bar, Mark, decided to share with me.

Two hours to go until I'm in the air on the way to Dallas. I won't be checking in in DFW intl, because I will be getting my things and running as quickly as I can in to the arms of a very cute ginger waiting for me there. So I guess this is the end, Dear Reader. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

This is not how I anticipated my return to the blog-o-sphere. I thought it would be a little more exciting than the random accounts of a series of lay overs. But I've had fun, and this had made the time go faster. So until next time.

Stay Awesome my friend. (In the voice of the Dos Equis guy.)