Friday, November 2, 2012


Why did I do this?
After ticking off my big goal of completing a marathon, I could no longer stomach the idea of running everyday. I was mentally exhausted, and I needed help to keep me in the rhythm of regular workouts. So I put on our PC Facebook group the Peace Corps Fitness Challenge, a series of challenges lasting one month that can be use to stay focused. To my surprise it found a good response, and now I want to invite you all to participate

September was all about workout diversity.  Mix up your workouts, and text, call, support your friends to make sure they are getting their workouts in too. October was Zombie preparedness month. The goal was to train for what will be physically required of you when the Zombie apocalypse comes. Lots of core work for machete swings; running in order to not be the slowest person in the pack; and Zumba just in case it's a Thriller style zombie apocalypse. 

Do you know what to do?
November kicks off our third month, and this month's challenge is in honor of my favorite holiday Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we have, and you shouldn't exclude your self from that gratitude. It's not uncommon to see fitness, or being active as a chore. There are day we just want to sit around and call it a day. But perhaps, just for November, we rethink those moments where we just don't want to get off our butts. 

So this month's challenge: Be grateful you can be active. Every time you want to lay around, realize that your body and your ability to use it is a gift.You get one body in this lifetime, so might as well use it. Go out, take a walk, do a work out video, play soccer with the kids, whatever. And appreciate what you have been given.

While this challenge is more about attitude than workouts, I thought this might be a good one to expand the Peace Corps Fitness Challenge to the rest of you. I'll be posting each month's challenge at the beginning of the month.. I would love to hear form you all in the comments or on FB/Twitter. 

I know that the blog has been a little fitness heavy lately, but it's a big part of what I'm doing here. Not only in terms of my exercise class, but also my own goals. 

And remember that no matter how much you hate push ups, be grateful your arms are long enough to do them. You could be a T-rex and not be able to.