Wednesday, November 14, 2012

They Really Like Me? - The Greatist Ambassador Program

I love the internet. It's power to connect people is remarkable. It really puts me at awe. However here at Sastre Desastre it sometimes feels lonely. I have all the metrics I want to prove that people see my blog, but  it is still hard to realize that people read my blog, and like it. To think these people extend beyond my friends and family is even more unbelievable. But the people at seem to like what I do. They have accepted me to be a Greatist Ambassador.

Greatist is my favorite health and fitness site. It was my favorite site even before I became an ambassador. Their approach is well balanced and they are really into using legit science when making health claims. -Novel, I know.- At Greatist they try to give people the tools, information and motivation they need to make better choices that lead them to healthier lives. They do this with a positive attitude, an understanding that we all have different goals, and they acknowledge that our definitions as individuals don't correlate with the definition of our abs.  Essentially they don't annoy or offend me in the ways previously ranted about.

As an ambassador I essentially keep doing what I'm doing, but I'm now connected with a network of people who are also passionate about leading active healthy lives through the ambassador program. I hope that this will help me with my work here in PY and my own quest for awesomeness.

I'm also super stoked to be currently the only South American based ambassador, and one of a handful of non-US based members.

I encourage you to visit They have fun, informative articles, and a great outlook. I leave you with their health and fitness manifesto to give you an idea what they are about and why I like them.

More must-read health & fitness news and information at Greatist.