Friday, January 11, 2013

Empower The Next Generation of Paraguayan Entrepreneurs

Hello Blogosphere! I have an important Project and I need your help!
Now owns his own photography and design business. 

For the past year I have worked as the project manager of a youth business development initiative called, Jovenes Empresarios del Paraguay (JEP), or Young Entrepreneurs of Paraguay. And we need some funds to make our work happen.

In three weeks time we will be launching another cycle of this initiative with a three day workshop in the capital with youth invited to participate from all over the country, called The Apprentice Challenge. As the name suggests this camp is modeled after the TV show the Apprentice, but without the Donald sending kids home in tears. Teams will compete in dynamic challenges that are not only fun, but teach basic business skills, team building and leadership.
Streamlining wool production.
The major industry in his town. 

We have developed this program with a local networking organization that is looking to give back and start developing future members, called the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Paraguay (AJE). (Even our names are similar! It was an obvious partner.)

AJE and us are working very hard to make this camp a reality but we need your help. So I ask that you may contribute a small amount to this cause  Eighty dollars funds the full cost of one participant.

Last year she received $1000 to start her lettuce farm, and is looking forward to a strong harvest. 
I have written about this project in the past, telling of how we were able to give $1000 to a young woman to start her lettuce farm. I am glad to report, she is still operational and hopes for a successful first harvest.

Building Paraguay
Opening a brick factory for affordable construction
If you are unable to give monetarily, then please share this campaign with your network of family, friends, colleagues and anyone who may be interested in supporting this cause.

I want to thank you all so much for your support.