Saturday, January 5, 2013

No one wants vacation to end.

I have been in a sour mood the past few days. Exhausted from two weeks of climbing, traveling, and a slew of security issues, I had little time to rest, as I found myself back at work on January 2nd, running around Asuncion for the youth business camp I am planning, and just couldn't snap myself out of a bout of pissiness. Those who know me, are familiar with this state. When I am tired, or hungry, or lost I generaly take it out on everyone and everything. I may not say it direstly, but everyone knows I'm in a foul mood. I know this isn't one of my more endearing qualities, but I haven't seem yet to break the habit. I'll keep trying, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
You wouldn't want to leave that either. 

My bad mood, was very much related to coming back from vacation. No one ever wants to go back to work after doing things you love with people you love. Compound that with the people you love getting on plane back to another continent and it'gets even tougher. So in an effort to get over myself, I figured I'd spend a little time reliving what was a great vacation by sharing with you.

I'm just gonna put up photos. Look at the captions for descriptions.

I hate approaches #1

The Original gangsta rapp. (Zack has infected me with puns)

Maybe Zack's favorite part.