Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mbai´ chapa! - I swear that´s a real language

I have a real blog post coming but to hose out there wonderig if I made it, by evidence of this post, I did.

I have all sorts of fun and exciting things to share, when on an english key board that actually functions properly. I think they snuck secret Pece Corps happy juice in the water, because I feel like i have otally drak the koolaid. Not a bad thing, but Ice breakers, camp style activities, and this general level of positivity is not allways my strength. Usually it makes me want to vomit.

On the topic of unfortunate disgetve incidents, all is well health wise. I have 2 years to get sick, but I´ve made it a week and that´s making thgs just that much easier. I otlly have been drinking the water, and trying all the food. Generally things advised against. But hell with it. If I get sick, I get sick. 6 million people drink this water.

I have a much better update to come that´s, well, not a first draft. And to anyone I don´t kow looking at my blog, trying to find out if I´m a spy or my coutry director checking in, HI!!!! Hope you had a good day.

(I swear they warn us about innapropriate jokes/ comments in regards to our blog, pretty regularly.)

I don´t have a ton of access to iternet and am enjoyig not being like in, so updtes might be infrequent