Saturday, November 5, 2011


Meet Johnny.
What you looking at?

Isn't he just a big blob of cute! No?

Ok, try this picture.


SO CUTE! I love that his tongue is never in his mouth, ever.

Johnny belongs to my live in landlord. He is a true Paraguayan dog. That is, he doesn't like intruders nor strangers and will let you know it. Paraguayan dogs are taught from a very early age to distrust humans with a proven technique of violence and limited food. I once tried to play fetch with Johnny and he ran around the corner and hid. He clearly had seen a human carrying a stick before, but had a different idea of what was supposed to happen next.  But don't let all that ferociousness fool you, there's a heart of gold inside Johnny, and despite the challenges, Johnny and I have become buds.

When I moved into my new house the owner warned me of her dog, that he is kinda a ferocious beast the will rip your face off.  Ok, maybe she didn't say that, but that's what I heard. As you might have noticed Johnny can look pretty scary. She told me that she would keep him tied up so that he doesn't attack me. This was not as comforting as I think she had hoped it would be. All was well until one morning, as I was leaving the house before dawn, I heard something. Oh shit, that's the sound of a leash being dragged. THE BEAST IS OUT!

I saw Johnny come galloping towards me, and I ran back into my room and closed the door. He ran right up to my door, and waited for me to come out. Was he waiting so that he could eat me?  I crack the door open. He was wagging his tail and panting, almost smiling. As I opened the door a little more, he started running, and playing with me, hoping I would chase him. What the hell? This dog is nice?  I played for a little and then went about my day, still not sure of what had happened. When I came back a couple hours later, Johnny was waiting for me at the gate.

The following day was the same thing. I came home from a run, and there was Johnny waiting for me at the gate. This time, I went up and pet him, even though it scared the crap out of me. Have you seen his jaws? There are teeth in there. But Johnny bowed his head and showed me exactly where he would like to be pet.  Johnny, now hangs out around my room whenever I'm home. He likes to see what I have cooking and take naps on my cool tile floor. He demands belly rubs, and loves pizza pockets.

I take a lot of care when playing or hanging out with him. At the end of the day he is still an abused dog, and that can make them difficult to predict. I've personally witnessed him get very angry at a friend of mine who tried to get too close too soon. It's disappointing that this is the case, because it's so easy to see what a big heart this dog has. He just wants love and lots of it.