Friday, November 25, 2011

Six ways I've changed in the past six months.

Today marks six months in Paraguay. I wanted to celebrate with a little reflection. I've changed in many ways, yet certainly still feel true to myself. However, here are six things that weren't so before I left for the Heart of America.

The good life.

6) I think wearing running tights or spandex in general around the house and even to the grocery store is not only socially acceptable but totally normal.

5) I truly appreciate how much polka sucks.

4) Sharing straws isn't a health concern. Really, sharing almost anything thing is normal. Napkins, forks, cups, pieces of pie are all to be used and then passed along to the next person.

3) The things I need are few, but they do include an i-pod, a notebook, and a pen.

2) I consider good cheese a legitimate form of currency.

1) Success is measured not in inches but in millimeters. Millimeters are more accurate, an actual approximation of my progress, and the metric system is way fucking better.