Monday, November 7, 2011

GARDEN! Ok, not yet but almost.

This isn't the most exciting post, except it is for me. I just planted seeds!

Seeds, I tell you!

Who knew seeds were pink? I think they might lose me my "organic" status.

Welcome to my little seed colony. I've got tomato, radish, napa-ish cabbage, and eggplant working in there. This is another fun garbage project. All supplies except for the actual seeds were collected over time.

The three liquid food groups: Milk, Brahma and Dr. Pepper.

Ok, so I put dirt in cans and seeds in dirt. It really is pretty basic, but Julia and I had a lot of fun. We got to play in dirt and stuff. AWESOME!

While I'm trying to start small, I still want to get some herbs going. I really think they'll be the best bang for my buck on the cooking front. I couldn't find any in my town, so I'll just have to keep an eye out next time I leave site.

This is Julia. We like our job.
Since joining Peace Corps I've wanted to grow some of my own food. Partly because I am the person in this video, but also because I genuinely believe in the idea of food independence.

"Food Independence," what a hauty term! What I'm  trying to get at is that we can all help ourselves, the environment, and our pocket books with a small garden. While we may never reach the level of growing everything we eat, I see no reason not to grow some basic or beloved stuff. Honestly, I don't want to grow everything I eat. There's this new hip thing. It's called the industrial revolution and I'm all about it.

This is all compounded by a dream that's been ruminating in my brain for a while. I can harp on the environmental and financial benefits of a vegetable garden, but really the goal is this: I want to one day make Marinara sauce and have grown all the ingredients. That all starts with tomatoes, so that's where I'm starting here. Everything else could die, but I'm gonna figure out those tomatoes.