Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Problem with Being Awesome

I created a lot of expectations on a recent blog post, talking about how I was "Gone Awesoming" for a while. I was supposed to come back triumphantly with lively blog posts telling of adventure and travel. Since I set my self up for failure, this is where I follow through. No pictures, no little stories, no nuthin'.

See, I killed my computer. Well not killed, but severely injured. It had an unfortunate aquatic incident. I inadvertently spilled water on my computer, damaging my keyboard and "on" button. While not fatal to the computer, both elements are critical to writing regular blog posts..

Even though I don't have the resources to properly tell of all my adventures, there was a lot of awesome recently. Too much for one post but here are some highlights in bullet point form:

* An incredible Thanksgiving with incredible friends
* Got lice, got rid of lice, potentially have lice again.
* Hiked 13 miles to find JIF and tolberone. Was successful.
* Waited for 3 hours for a 4 hour bus ride.
           (Result of a protest. Had something to do with people demanding their rights or whatever.)
* Puked out the window of a moving bus. Wasn't hungover, nor drunk.
* Killed a chicken then ate it.

There are pictures, and there are stories to be told. One day in the near future, I will actually return to tell these stories but for now I ask your patience.  There is access to computers here, but one of the things I hate most in this world is a internet cafe with a computer and keyboard programmed in a language other than English. Yeah, I get that they don't speak English here, but an accent mark will never look like an apostrophe, and I have limited spelling abilities. In theory the computer will be fixed in a couple weeks, but I don't have money on it.

So until then, I say farewell again.